Direct Tech Store

Our company

We are passionate about electronics.

At we love nerding out at the newest technology gadgets just as much as you do. Our website is owned and operated by Twinigo Inc. - a forward-thinking company looking to make online shopping better than ever.


Our team

If we're not at work, we're building stuff.

Sure, we go on dates sometimes too... *crickets*

We're happiest while pushing the limits of a new graphics card. Some say that Direct Tech Store employees are only in it for glamour. We're not! We're in this business because we love helping people build the rig, smarthome or office of their dreams. Don't believe me? Give us a call!


"Great advice given by these guys and gals. I was building a gaming computer and they helped me max out performance while sticking to my budget. Really impressed."

Colin T. | Richmond Hill, ON

"They don't go on crazy sale that often, but when they do, OMG - just keep clicking Add to Cart...Add to"

Phil D. | Regina, SK